Noise awareness and hearing protection toolbox

Designed as an empowering educational package for people exposed to high level workplace noise.
Our program covers:

  • The ear and how we hear
  • How noise induced hearing loss develops
  • The symptoms of hearing loss
  • How to prevent noise related hearing loss
  • Types of hearing protection, correct application, hygiene and maintenance thereof
  • Tips for reducing noise in the workplace
  • Understanding which job functions and areas in your workplace give rise to high levels of noise

All of courses are delivered by our university qualified practicing clinical and industrial audiologists who are Full Members of Audiology Australia. With combined backgrounds in both the industrial and clinical fields our audiologists provide a unique fit for Workplace Audiometry training; bringing together in-depth knowledge of clinical audiology and the practical awareness of and regular exposure to the dynamics of contemporary operations within the Australian manufacturing, mining and construction industries.

Our education and training programs are designed to meet the needs of your business. Training may be conducted at your workplace or delivered off-site by our experienced audiologists.